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September 12, 2021

Graphic Design Trends You Need to Know for Instagram in 2021

The nice thing about graphic design trends is that they provide a possibility for a fresh start every year. Given the problematic form of 2020, the new designs of 2021 might be the most welcome breath of fresh air yet. Unlike previous trends, which were inspired by the beginning of a better century and borrowed from science fiction and futuristic technology, the graphic design trends for 2021 placed humans first. The international society of visual artists, and their predictions, including anything from traditional iconography to natural materials to analog painting, indicate current trends. The goal of graphic design now is to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. …

June 3, 2021

Does a business or business website have to be ADA compliant?

The American Disabilities Act or ADA is a law made to protect people with disabilities. The scope of the ADA is wide; as it should. It serves as a guide that sets the standards in making sure that those who have disabilities are not discriminated against in any way. The ADA aims to provide requirements that will help any environment accessible to all. The scope of the ADA includes, workplace, public accomodations, transportation, online platforms, technology, and more. Whether it is a law or not, people with disabilities should be able to live their day-to-day lives in ease. It is common sense to be inclusive to all. So if you own, operate a business that serves the public, do your best to be ADA compliant. Not just because you want to abide by the law and avoid lawsuits, but because you care. It is our obligation as humans to help and look out for one another.

Asking yourself whether your business is ADA compliant or not is already a good step to take in making your business ADA compliant. One thing that you can do to assess the quality of ADA compliance in your business is to get it verified by a professional. There are compliance consultants that can help you. Check out for more info.…

May 31, 2021

Can Healthcare Chatbots Improve the Patient Experience?

Do you have patients that need constant reminders to take their medications? Health institutions are adopting technology into their systems and ensuring every patient has a patient portal software. This is beneficial to both the patient, the patient-caregiver, and the doctors.

Healthcare chatbots have a lot of benefits to the patient because they act like a constant reminder, information service provider, and a communication channel.

Functions of a chatbot

May 8, 2021

Tips to Create an Instagram Bio That Grows Your Followers On Autopilot

Will you agree if I say to you that your Instagram bio is the most crucial aspect of your account?

Forget about the photos, captivating stories, and the educational IGTVs. You’re losing out on an opportunity if your bio isn’t clear, molding, and action-oriented. Since your Instagram bio may be your only opportunity to turn someone to hit follow. Many Instagram users look up for a brand and choose whether or not to join them in no time. That’s why it’s essential to make your profile bio the best possible representation of who you are and why you stand for the proper growth of Instagram audience.…