December 28, 2021

What Does Twitter know about you?

By Alan Lawson

Before we discuss this topic, you need to understand that mere speculation is key to making it gospel. If you look into a lot of gossips and fake news, you might notice this trend and pattern emerging. Mere speculation and half-baked stories tend to leverage human emotions like anxiety and doubt. Once those emotions are pushed, then it makes us react towards it.

Our small bet is that you want to keep your life private and secret. Maybe not at every level. There are some things you are proud of about yourself that you want to show the world. But apart from that, you might wish to have a Federal Bureau to guide your information and classify it as confidential. It’s a natural inclination to not tell everything to everyone and anyone.

When we talk about Twitter, it might help to know the exact details that you are entrusting to the Twitter community. That way, you won’t engage in unnecessary negative talk with your friends or someone else on the Internet on how Twitter is using and leveraging on your personal information.

With that in mind, here’s what Twitter knows about you.

Age and gender

This is also based on your profile information but helps Twitter to filter out the noise and the kind of content that you will see. This makes sense because the kind of content that appeals to a particular demographic cannot be the same. In that case, age and gender are significantly important to use and are one of the things that Twitter is keeping a secret.

What kind of devices you have used to log in

Twitter needs this type of information to know what devices have accessed your accounts in case of any form of unethical hacking or misconduct in the use of personal information. Such cases are very hard to crack, and Twitter might need such useful information to help your account to stay at bay. In that case, this is not that creepy as you thought. It is significant to maintain your privacy.

Your Twitter data

This is all based on your profile and activity. For example, if your profile includes something along the lines of a coder, then you are more likely to receive news about programming pages or programming communities that Twitter thinks might help you in the future. Also, Twitter wants to use your profile data to help advertisers to target you. This means that they might be able to help advertisers and get a commission from this kind of transaction.

On the other hand, profile activity is used to know what you click on the most, who do you follow, what do you spend time on the most, and what kind of content appeals. Twitter appeals to your varied interests and offers you more than what you could ask for. It is almost like you search old Tweets to get hang of your frequent social media habits. 

Your birthday

Twitter needs to know your birthday to qualify your account for the registry. You have to be off age and make sure that Twitter will accept your suggestion.