March 21, 2022

How to Create a Viral Instagram Campaign

By Alan Lawson

Creating an Instagram campaign is one thing, but making it go viral can be difficult and never guaranteed. Ensuring a successful campaign would mean achieving the desired target, in a fixed time frame. Making an Instagram campaign makes sense as it is the fasting growing social media platform today, and is a relatively cost-effective method of reaching out to your potential audience.

There is no set way of making an Instagram campaign go viral, and varies from market to market and what the campaign wishes to achieve. Making use of top Instagram growth service providers, using or creating new hashtags, and reaching out to influencers are commonly used in campaigns. 

The 6 ways listed below will surely help in making a viral Instagram campaign, explaining how to use Instagram to drive traffic to your website and maximizing your reach. 

Identifying Purpose for your Campaign

It is necessary to understand what you are trying to achieve with your campaign. For a company dealing with physical products, it might be for generating more sales and maximizing profits. Other examples would be that a company wishes to create brand awareness or want to redirect traffic to their website. Setting up a goal would better highlight how the campaign should be executed and ensure maximum results. 

Understanding your Market and Audience

A detailed understanding of the audience is very important as ultimately, they are directly responsible for the success of your campaign. Your campaign should be aligned with the interests and wants of your audience. Following their accounts will ensure a deeper understanding of your market, the age group you’re targeting, and what activities they are interested in. 

Set a timeline

There should be a general idea of how long the campaign should last, ensuring a cost-effective and result-oriented campaign.

Devise a Strategy

There should be a well-defined strategy in place, analyzing all the factors in making a successful campaign. For instance, a budget will need to be determined, detailing all the costs associated with the campaign. All the tools needed to execute the campaign needs to be assessed, whether that be reaching out to influencers for promotions or making use of Instagram ads. The number of posts required should also be decided. 

Use Hashtags

Creating a new hashtag can be an effective way of getting your message to the market. However, it is not easy to target a new set of audiences. It is better to use a hashtag that is short and easy to understand. Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke is an excellent example of using a hashtag effectively. The hashtag should also be relevant and not something which could be misleading, driving unnecessary traffic to your posts. 

Make use of User-Generated Content

Try to encourage your audience to share and engage with your posts or hashtags. This can be done by running a contest, encouraging your audience in sharing their pictures with your product, or by making them like your posts, for a chance of a reward in doing so. However, it is important to properly convey the rules of the contests, to avoid any misunderstandings. In short, Instagram campaigns are a great way to expand to newer audiences, increase engagements on your website, and by letting the market know of your activities. There are plenty of other articles listed on topics related to Instagram, be sure to check them out as well to get a broader sense of the platform.