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September 12, 2021

Graphic Design Trends You Need to Know for Instagram in 2021

The nice thing about graphic design trends is that they provide a possibility for a fresh start every year. Given the problematic form of 2020, the new designs of 2021 might be the most welcome breath of fresh air yet. Unlike previous trends, which were inspired by the beginning of a better century and borrowed from science fiction and futuristic technology, the graphic design trends for 2021 placed humans first. The international society of visual artists, and their predictions, including anything from traditional iconography to natural materials to analog painting, indicate current trends. The goal of graphic design now is to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. …

July 10, 2020

What are the current trends in Web Design

Web designing has become one of the critical skills to have in current times. It is growing popular each day, and recruiters are now avidly looking out for people who are both technically skilled as well as creative, and useful web designers tend to be both. Web designers help keep maintain the website and make it more attractive and interactive, so it can generate more traffic, and its overall goals are met. In order to become a successful web designer, it is necessary that you stay up to date with all the current trends in Web Design.

In 2020, the technical possibilities are endless and now we can see designers play with extremely new and novel techniques. However, there are also some very popular designs that have stayed from day one and remain relevant even today. Below is a list of some trendy designs that are popular in web design today.

Dark Mode

These web designs are not only easy on the eye but extremely sleek and give a very modern feel to the overall website. With this mode, the other colors become more prominent, and vital things seem more highlighted. The dark mode is straightforward but gives a visually stunning feel overall. This has become significantly popular over the past year, with many social media applications also making use of this feature. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp have all introduced this feature, and now this has become prevalent in Web design as well.

Immersive 3D elements & designs

Graphic design and interactive designs are becoming popular. 3D technology is now also blending in more and more with such designs. In 2020, the use of such elements has become very trendy. Since VR has started to become more easily available and relatively cost-effective than before, introducing the 3D design elements in websites is also being done frequently. This adds a fantastic feel to the overall design, as users tend to be amazed by this. They also are likely to feel more involved with this design.

Layers and floating elements

Making your content’s design stand out from the rest of the websites is key to your website’s success. This trend is now all about depth. Floating elements add a 3D feel to the overall site. You can use such effects with text as well as with photos. Designers are now also adding different layers on top of each other to add to the overall effect. This gives a lightweight feel, making it look as if each of the photos is floating on top of the other. This gives a very sharp contrast from the otherwise classic and flat design. Keep in mind that one of the web design trends for business websites is …