May 8, 2021

Tips to Create an Instagram Bio That Grows Your Followers On Autopilot

By Alan Lawson

Will you agree if I say to you that your Instagram bio is the most crucial aspect of your account?

Forget about the photos, captivating stories, and the educational IGTVs. You’re losing out on an opportunity if your bio isn’t clear, molding, and action-oriented. Since your Instagram bio may be your only opportunity to turn someone to hit follow. Many Instagram users look up for a brand and choose whether or not to join them in no time. That’s why it’s essential to make your profile bio the best possible representation of who you are and why you stand for the proper growth of Instagram audience.

Instagram avatar

One’s profile picture will most likely be your face or your company logo/colors, depending on your brand or industry. Both have essential functions. Simply ensure that your profile picture, whether of yourself or your logo, is transparent and of good quality. Since it’s such a tiny picture, you want to be sure it’s not deceptive if it’s a shot of your product.

Name is key

Your name is the next step in making an integrated Instagram bio. But, no, you’re not going to use this segment solely to list your name. You’ll check to see if you can use a keyword to better increase your searchability.

Yout target

You should have your bid or USP in your official Instagram biography (the “Bio” area in your profile) (unique selling proposition). In other words, what you do to differentiate yourself from the market and/or your promise to the target group – i.e., what you assist them in achieving. With just 150 characters to work with, you’ll need to consider what information is most important to the growth of your Instagram audience.

Call to action

A call to action is a super easy yet game-changing addition to your Instagram profile (CTA).

It might seem stupid, but you need to remind people what you expect them to do to do what you want them to do – sign up for your online resource, try out your new deal, or inquire about your services.


Since there is only one spot on Instagram where you can add a connection, it’s critical to choose wisely.

You want to maximize the chances of converting a potential visitor to an email recipient, user, or client as quickly as possible. So, what free opportunity, bid, or exciting upcoming event can you direct people to so they have no choice but to sign up, purchase, or register? 

Contact buttons

Last but not least, in your Instagram profile, what contact buttons would you include? If you have an Instagram Business profile, you can choose from many keys, including reserve, book, get tickets, send, touch (to call), and message (to text/WhatsApp).

If you’ve mastered the fundamentals of an Instagram bio, you may begin to consider any innovative ways to move it to the next level. The good news is that if you’ve optimized your biography, you’ll just need to make small changes for periodic alerts, such as holidays or exclusive deals. That means you can cross the most critical Instagram activity off your to-do list for the time being!